Excel 920mm Wet Tile Cutter Bridge Saw



£ 549.00


???????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????: Ensure every cut is perfect with our built-in laser cutting guide, designed to provide unparalleled precision and accuracy for your tiling projects.

???????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????: Handle both large and small projects effortlessly. With a cutting capacity of 920mm, you can cut a wide variety of tile sizes with ease.

???????????????? ????????????????????: Tackle even the toughest materials with confidence. Our powerful 800W motor delivers the strength needed to cut through ceramic, porcelain, stone, and more.

???????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????: Maintain optimal performance and blade longevity. The integrated water cooling system keeps the blade cool and lubricated, reducing dust and extending blade life.

????????????-???????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????: Enhance your cutting accuracy and safety. The non-slip rubber surface keeps tiles securely in place during cutting, preventing slips and errors.

???????????????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????????: Get stable, reliable support for your cutting tasks. Our sturdy bench design provides a solid platform, essential for making precise and consistent cuts.

???????????????????????????????? ????????????????: Enjoy the convenience of easy storage and transportation. The foldable legs make it simple to pack up your tile cutter and take it to different job sites or store it when not in use.

????????????????????-???????? ????????????????????????: Move your tile cutter effortlessly around the job site. The built-in wheels offer great mobility, allowing you to position your cutter exactly where you need it.

???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????? ????????????????????????????: Achieve deep, straight cuts with a maximum depth of 32mm at a 90-degree angle, suitable for various tile thicknesses.

???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????: Customize your cuts with ease. The adjustable cutting angle feature allows you to set the perfect angle for any project, ensuring professional results every time.

Excel 920mm Wet Tile Cutter Bridge Saw, 230V/800W - Powerful Tile Cutter for Ceramic, Porcelain, and Natural Stone with Laser Guide, Water Cooling System, Foldable Legs, and Built-In Wheels

Excel 920mm Tile Cutter is a large and powerful wet tile cutter that is perfect for cutting a variety of tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. It has a powerful 800W motor that can easily cut through even the thickest tiles. It has a cutting capacity of up to 920mm and a maximum cutting depth of 32mm which makes it ideal for large projects.


* Laser cutting guide to achieve unparalleled precision in every slice

* 920mm cutting capacity allows you to cut a wide variety of tile sizes, making it ideal for both large and small projects

* 800W motor provides ample power to cut through even the hardest tile materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, and stone

* Water cooling system helps to keep the blade cool and lubricated, which extends the life of the blade and reduces dust * Non-slip rubber cutting surface helps to keep tiles in place while you are cutting, which improves safety and accuracy

* Sturdy bench design provides a stable platform for cutting, which is important for making precise cuts

* Foldable legs allow for easy storage and transportation of the tile cutter

* Built-in wheels make it easy to move the tile cutter around the job site

* Max cutting depth of 32mm at 90 degrees

* Max cutting depth of 28mm at 45 degrees

* Adjustable cutting angleProduct


* Brand: Excel

* Barcode: 5056533499076

* Power: 800W

* Voltage: 230 volts

* No-load Speed: 3450 rpm

* Blade Size: 200 x 16mm

* Max. Cutting Length: 920mm

* Max. Cut at 90°: 32mm

* Max. Cut at 45°: 28mm

* Dimension (L x W x H): 1460x 530 x 600mm

* Weight: 47kg

* Warranty: 12 months standard warranty


  • Manufacturer : ‎Excel
  • Part Number : ‎31145
  • Item model number : ‎31145
  • Power Source : ‎ac
  • Voltage : ‎240 Volts
  • Wattage : ‎800 watts
  • Item Package Quantity : ‎1
  • Included Components : ‎wet tile cutter
  • ASIN : B0D6731NT5
  • Date First Available : 5 Jun. 2024

Excel 920mm Wet Tile Cutter Bridge Saw is not currently available.

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